Gym Plan 09.29.14

Since I drive a school bus and my gym is 45 minutes away I have to wake up extra early and get to the gym extra early. So that I can get a solid workout in and not have wasted my time or milage on my car.

3:45 am: 15 Minute warm up on the recumbent bike.
4:00 am: Lift Weights for 25 minutes

1. Tricep Push Down (triceps)

2. Barbell Curl (bicep)

3. Seated Row (back)

1. Overhead Tricep Extension (triceps)

2. Alternate Dumbell Curl (bicep)

3. Lat Pull Down Front (back)

1. Dumbell Kickback (triceps)

2. Reverse Dumbell Curl (bicep)

3. Back Extension (back)

4:25 am: Cardio on the recumbent bike for 35 minutes

5:00 am: Shower and head to work

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  1. This article is very helpful who are also maintained their fitness and time management continuously. I appreciate it.